Valentine's Day Cakes

Sweet creations of the biggest Pastry Chefs for Saint Valentine

Rainbow love forty chocolate posy

Edible Blooms

For a Colorful Valentine's Day

A creamy and sweet bouquet to brighten the day of your beloved one!

Corona chocolate bouquet - medium

Edible Blooms

Corona Lovers

The perfect gift for those who love a good brew. A combination of beer and chocolates, this gift is a perfect way to surprise any lucky man (or lady)!

Single Prosecco piccolo chocolate bouquet

Edible Blooms

Sparkling & Sweet Love

Chocolate and Wine are the perfect mix to celebrate your Love!

Forty red hearty posy

Edible Blooms

For a Red Valentine's Day

Bouquet with 40 deliciously creamy Belgian chocolate hearts, to surprise your beloved.

LOVE BOX - San Valentine's Edition

Dolce London

Make the sweetest finish to your date night

Any of these sweet pastries will make the perfect finish to the special day, whether you are in the mood for chocolate, cream or strawberry!
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Gelato Cake - 8 portions

Unico Gelato & Caffé

Delicious and fresh

A typical Italian dessert through which you can enjoy our authentic Italian gelato decorated with your favourite toppings and customised your way - perfect for celebrations or as a customised gift.
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Dozen Choc - Dipped Strawberries

Edible Blooms

Romantic and delicious

A dozen strawberries dipped in a delicious creamy Belgian chocolate.