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Anniversary box


The ideal assortment

Refined 700gr commemorative pack of mixed pralines, gianduiotti and cremini, designed for 60 years of Ziccat activity ... an excellent gift idea.


La Grande Praline Box - 1300gr


A wonderful gift!

Elegant package of 1.3kg mixed chocolates with the best of the assortment of delicious Ziccat products!


Champagne and Caviar - from 30 to 100gr

Champagne and Caviar - from 30 to 100gr

Caviar and Champagne ... tres chic!

Caviar and Champagne, a winning combination.
Ideal for a gourmet gift and a true gourmet dinner!

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"Artic Passion" Vodka and Caviar - from 30 to 100gr

La cantina di Franco

Caviar and Vodka, a great classic!

A match for true connoisseurs is the one with a selection of Siberian Caviar caviar and Stolichnaya Vodka Elit.
Ideal for a gourmet gift!

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"Dream of love" couple massage

"Dream of love" couple massage

Wellness for couples

For a daydream let yourself be overwhelmed by this moment of pure relaxation. There is no better way to take care of yourself, but together.


"Seychelles trip" massage

"Seychelles trip" massage

Sensory journey

Set off on a sensory journey letting yourself be carried away by the scents of fragrances and the relaxing atmosphere, created specifically to enjoy a moment of relaxation. Ideal for you or as a gift for the person you love.