Grezzo Raw heart

Grezzo Raw Chocolate Rome

Valentine's Day pack

A riot of pleasure. Grezzo's most precious cake.
It is the perfect gift for this loving celebration. A real jewel of raw food pastry.
Bean to Bar Raw Chocolate Coating of the high quality Arriba National quality. Unique filling of almonds, walnuts and raw cocoa.

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Pastarelle box - from 6 to 10 pieces


A classic from the 80s by Bompiani

All the taste of simplicity in a sweet pampering prepared with the highest quality raw materials and an impeccable technique to bring us back to the beautiful family traditions of the past!
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The De Bellis classics: the single-portions

De Bellis

Single portion box

A box that contains the great De Bellis classics, to allow you to enjoy them all!
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Raw Chocolate tasting - 10 pieces

Grezzo Raw Chocolate Rome

For chocolate lovers!

A refined package of truffles and pralines to enjoy a moment of pleasure in the company of the wonderful raw chocolate. The different flavors and textures lead through a new and refined taste path.

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