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Filippo La Mantia

Proposals by Chef Filippo la Mantia

Chef Filippo la Mantia with great fidelity to traditional Sicilian cuisine, transports us through the flavor of his dishes on a journey to his enchanting land and tells us about a lively and full of emotions.

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Sweet fruit for 4/5 people

Cucchi pastry

Explosion of taste

The sweet fruit is a delicious after summer meal. Soft sponge cake, light vanilla cream and fresh berries.


Tart with raspberries filled with custard for 4/5 people

Cucchi pastry

The timeless

Our best seller. Fragrant butter shortcrust pastry with fresh raspberries stuffed with custard.

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Bonci's pantry


It's better from home!

From the Bonci bakery in Rome directly to your home without taking a step. Take advantage of the new opportunity to shop from home.
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I Maritozzi by Filippo La Mantia - from 2 to 4 pieces

Filippo La Mantia

The Black and White

Aren't you curious to try the maritozzo, typically Lazio dessert, made by Filippo La Mantia from Palermo, doc and chef of a traditional Sicilian cuisine? White and chocolate, which one do you prefer?
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Trio of Sicilian Sweets - from 3 to 9 pieces

Filippo La Mantia

Sweet Sicily

Give yourself a moment of pure pleasure with an assortment of typical Sicilian sweets, taste all the specialties made by chef Filippo La Mantia. Sfincia, a delicious fried cream puff pastry filled with ricotta, Sicilian Cannolo, a crunchy wafer filled with sweet ricotta, and Rasco, a scented brioche filled with sweet ricotta and chocolate chips.
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La Sfincia - from 2 to 6 pieces

Filippo La Mantia

The sweets of San Giuseppe

Sfincia is a delicious fried puff pastry filled with ricotta and chocolate chips. Of Palermo origin, it is made especially to celebrate San Giuseppe but good to taste all year round.
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Rasco di San Martino - from 2 to 6 pieces

Filippo La Mantia

The sweet of the saint

Rasco is a Sicilian sweet that traditionally prepares on the occasion of the anniversary of San Martino in Palermo. It consists of an aniseed-flavored brioches, rum-soaked, filled with ricotta and chocolate chips.
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Octopus salad

Filippo La Mantia

Appetizer or main course ... you decide!

Octopus salad is a dish born in the south but found in the menu of all fish restaurants. Taste it as an appetizer or as a second, light and fresh, it allows you to rediscover all the Mediterranean flavors.


Swordfish rolls

Filippo La Mantia

Delicious sea food delights

The swordfish rolls are a light dish typical of the Sicilian tradition. One of the dishes that could not be missing from Filippo La Mantia's Palermo menu doc.


Swordfish, Eggplant and Mentuccia Ragout - 2 portions

Filippo La Mantia

Sea-flavored first courses

Ready-made sauce with Swordfish, Aubergine and Mentuccia Ragù prepared by Chef Filippo La Mantia and preserved under vacuum to preserve its freshness. A pack of Rummo spaghetti is included.


Baked rings

Filippo La Mantia

Palermitan tradition doc

The timbale of informed anelletti is a rich dish, one of the most important in Palermo cuisine. The faith-shaped pasta is sautéed in the pan with a mixed veal and pork ragout, caciocavallo, salami, ham and mozzarella. Last step ten minutes in the oven to toast the dish.


Grué Gelato - from 500g to 1000g


Pastry ice cream

The first hot days deserve a taste ally !!! Order Grué ice cream ... once you taste it you will not be able to resist ...
Free ice cream wafers!
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Parmigiana di Melanzane - 2 portions

Filippo La Mantia

The tricolor of Italian cuisine

With a few simple ingredients Filippo La Mantia makes a special Parmigiana di Melanzane. A triumph of flavors and colors that immediately evoke the culinary art of our South.


Neapolitan Pastiera - 4 to 8 portions


Typical dessert of the Campania tradition

A crumbly pastry filled with ricotta, wheat and orange candied with the scent of orange blossom ... according to one of the legends, its goodness returned the smile to the Queen Maria Theresa of Habsburg!
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Cube Mom - from 12 pralines


A treasure chest of sweetness!

A delicious gift box with an assortment of 12 pralines.
To sweeten every moment of his day!

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M-AMA-N cake - 6/8 portions


Greetings to all mothers!

“The essence of all our love has a soft heart of bancha tea mousse, a crunchy praline base, a light panna cotta with Greek yogurt with wild strawberries, ginger and candied lemons, garnished with a splendid white chocolate rose.
The perfect gift to celebrate Mother's Day together.

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Assorted Praline Tasting - 15 to 35 pieces


Tasting pralines

A moment of pleasure to bite and enjoy for a long time. So our pralines become small moments of joy to share with those you love or keep them all for you. Do not you believe it? Try them!
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Box Grué cakes - 4 single portions of your choice


Create your own dessert composition

A selection of Gruè's iconic cakes to allow you all the temptations and variations of taste.
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Assorted Gruelline Box - 4 pieces



Irresistible for sight and palate, Grué puffs are a temptation that you absolutely must give in to.
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