Want to have your favourite wine delivered to your home in London? COSAPORTO will take care of it.

Want to have your favourite wine delivered to your home in London? COSAPORTO will take care of it.

Gifting wine is always a source of joy but can be challenging choosing the right one! Every time, in fact, we find ourselves having to improvise as Sommeliers, without the faintest idea what could make the person, we are gifting, happy.

If they are close friends, guessing is easy; if, on the other hand, we are talking about simple acquaintances, it can be a gamble. Why take the risk , when COSAPORTO LONDON is here to help?

With Cosaporto you can’t go wrong, as quality is at our heart!

Champagne and everything that Bubbles!!

To save time and have no doubt that your gift will not be discarded or regifted, we believe Champagne and Bubbles are always the perfect answer to give to a friend, a relative or even your colleagues.

Even better if embellished with luxurious golden packaging; the wow factor is guaranteed!

If you are a lover of Perlage – during the holiday season, it is almost a must to go for: the Franciacorta Brut, for example, is a choice of great elegance.

Structured wines: The Great Reds

Do you prefer a still wine? Remaining with the Italian wines, an excellent choice to gift is a bottle of Brunello di Montalcino: in the face of this authentic “celebrity”, nobody will be able to resist a taste!

Take advantage of our home delivery service and the Brunello will be the perfect gift to embellish your elegant dinner at home. Don' t forget to pair it with juicy meats or matured cheese.

Lover of a well-structured wine? How about the Amarone Valpollicella? Another winning choice amongst the most famous /important red wines perfect for Christmas.

Let us tempt you with very interesting and unique suggestions like the Gift Boxes of dessert wines: just to name a few, the Passito from Pantelleria a sweet fortified wine made from grapes ripened under Pantelleria’s sun. Also from Sicily, The Malvasia, a classic Sicilian liquor aged in oak barrels which pairs beautifully with tastings of cheeses, dry sweets or traditional pastries. The ideal choice to make your evenings sweeter.


"Can you come to dinner, at ours tonight?" "With pleasure! What can I bring? "

Our service was created to answer this question. Don't settle for pastries from the corner shop or wine/ice cream from the supermarket. Forget about the distance and traffic by choosing only the best the city has on offer with minimum effort. Cosaporto selects top quality products from your favourite stores; perfect for an evening with family or friends, or for that last minute gift to the people you love!

With Cosaporto you can even organize a group gift in just a few clicks!

Order with Cosaporto for the perfect gift….whenever and wherever you want!