The right cocktail? With COSAPORTO you can

The right cocktail?  In recent years, the evolution of the art of bartending has shifted in the direction of "Mixology". If you are not an expert in the field, you are probably wondering what this word actually means!

Bartender o Mixologist?

A Mixologist is one who, like a modern alchemist of taste, manages to mix ingredients wisely, to create a unique and balanced cocktail. In a nutshell, creating perfection. There are now many schools teaching masterclasses in the art of balancing flavours. Did you know for example that to enhance the bitter notes of a cocktail you need to add a more acidic component? A Mixologist knows this well and puts aside the acrobatic art of his Bartender cousin, to devote himself to the study of adding the right components to emphasize a certain flavour.

Party at home: fancy a cocktail?

But what happens when we want to organize an aperitif at home or a fashionable party? If so far, we have tried some clumsy attempt to reproduce some of the most famous cocktails at home,  we realize that the result can be twofold: either a poor outcome at the expense of the final result or a good result at the expense of the energy and stress of having to think about everything that goes into making a good cocktail, even the Belo Horizonte Cachaca. Luckily there is a solution to all this; it's called Cosaporto! Now you can amaze your friends by serving ready mixed cocktails, made by the best bartenders in the city, who use only top- quality ingredients. From Negroni, to Manhattan, to Gin Tonic up to Vodka Sour, and many others ... there really is something for everyone!

In addition to taste, the design!

But the surprises are not over because on Cosaporto you can choose the package you prefer, from bottles with a modern design, bottles with a more classic tone or packets with an unexpected design; like that of a CD for example ... yes, you got it! Your friends won't talk about anything else for days ... Try it! We are sure that your friends will be amazed, and you will be able to relax even before the party begins! And remember, you can always choose from the vast range of wine and beer for your friends who don’t love the strong flavours of a cocktail!


" Dinner at our tonight?" "With pleasure! What can I bring? " (Cosaporto?) Our service was created to answer this question, so you don’t have to worry about getting to your favourite stores in time or having to settle for buying from the corner shop or supermarket across the street. Choose the best and forget the distance, traffic and time, with Cosaporto. Cosaporto is also perfect for a simple evening in, with family or friends. And if you want you can organize a group gift with just a few clicks! Cosaporto is the service that delivers home specialties from the best shops in London. We carefully select the best artisans of the city to allow you to buy only the best products. Order with Cosaporto; you will receive them wherever you want!