Our High End Service for the Italian Chamber of Commerce

Yesterday, 28th June 2023, at the Italian Embassy in London, our team provided high-end quality catering service for the Annual General Meeting of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
After the ambassadors’ speeches, we had the pleasure to present our services to the public of the chamber. A short introduction was made by Stefano Manili, the CEO of our company, who was also interviewed by London One Radio, the Italian radio of the UK capital, discussing the real meaning of Cosaporto and introducing Cosaporto4Business, a new format made for the catering experience, available in Italy and coming soon in London.

You can see the service of London One Radio here.

Cosaporto UK High End Service for the Italian Chamber of Commerce

Our High End Service:

We had the opportunity to gather two of our quality partners, Valentina’s Recipes, with her freshly made and traditional choux, salted and sweet, and Ben Venuti, with their curated and premium Italian antipasti selection. Whom we thank a lot to have been part of this amazing dining experience that left everyone satisfied and wanting to know more about us!

For the ones that asked about our service, we are grateful that Cosaporto4Business will be available here in London soon. Our high end service will come to simplify the management of your events with our premium catering, ensuring to maintain the highest quality, with elegance and a touch of your favorite tastes.

Cosaporto UK High End Service for the Italian Chamber of Commerce

An Italian Art Touch:

The event also hosted a contemporary artist, Fabio Pietrantonio, who gifted to the embassy his work "Confini – Verso il domani. L'ITALIANITÀ" an amazing piece made of organic material to convey the harmony of shapes.
The work symbolizes the union in a raffiguration of the Italian Flag made by knots.
This work was provided by London Trade Art, from Francesca Casiraghi, and gifted to the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
We really support the passion of art and Italian culture that the Italian Chamber of Commerce is enhancing with its cultural events, where we hope we will participate to offer our high end service soon.