Original home gift ideas…. for special occasions.

You know, having original gift ideas is not always easy, no matter the occasion. Even more so thinking of something sweet and original to write on the greeting card.

But at Cosaporto we want to help you find the most original solution for your special occasions. Original home gift ideas



It’s coming up to your friend’s birthday; take advantage to surprise them with a special gift they can show off on the day!

If you are undecided about the gift to give them, try to focus on an something that is both useful and fun: an original gift, for example, could be an intelligent keyring to find objects. Tracking down your smartphone will no longer be a problem!



Are you in doubt about what to give to a man because you don't know what he likes? You don't want to risk too much, but you don't want to be trivial either? A solution can be to focus on Men’s grooming products, perhaps with a complete kit for a perfect "hipster" style: an original, fun and fashionable gift!



Have you ever considered the possibility of gifting flowers? Valentine's Day is certainly not the only occasion to make your woman happy with a floral tribute: romance also applies during the Holidays! In order not to fall into the clichés, you can gift an elegant bouquet of roses: red, of course and have them arrive directly to your loved one’s home!

Another popular gift is candles. Many women love to take care of their home, to create the right perfect atmosphere. Again, try not to be too obvious: for example, you can opt for a gift with a magical and mysterious air, a metal lantern with a soy wax candle!


Often, in the absence of ideas, one turns to beauty products, such as cosmetics and body care baskets. More often than not, we focus on a simple shower gel or other bathroom products, just to "get it out the way with" when we run out of ideas. Sometimes, however, they can be welcomed gifts, as long as it is not presented in any gift box. Choose from the many proposals designed to surprise lovers of beauty.



Any occasion is good for a gift. It doesn't necessarily take a holiday or birthday to make your loved one’s smile.

You can think of an original gift just to say, "thank you", "I am thinking of you", "I will miss you".

To be sure to hit the mark, choose a product with a strong personality, such as a collection of collectible fragrances, or give a diffuser with essential oils so that they will remember you every time they smell the fragrance in the air!



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