Mistakes to avoid this Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is almost upon us. As we know, this year will not be the same, but if you've done things right, preparations should be well underway. An indulgent dinner at home, a gift for the person you love all wrapped and ready to go... Cosaporto has the answer - everything you need is only a click away. Make this Valentine's Day unforgettable!

Sit back, relax and enjoy your evening, but not forgetting a few golden rules. Here are some of our tips on how to avoid making mistakes this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day gift ideas

On Valentine's Day, we all become hopeless romantics, and although it's hard to admit it in public, we're ready to go crazy to make the one we love happy. You like the idea of a romantic surprise that leaves them speechless, but at the same time you're apprehensive because of limited time and not many ideas. Not to worry! To surprise those you love with an original and quality Valentine's Day gift, trust Cosaporto! Here's how to organise the most romantic day of the year.

Start with the sweetest good morning there is with a mouth-watering Breakfast in bed: You can play it safe by choosing your favourite pastry shop or try the croissants from that bakery on the other side of town that you never thought you'd be able to enjoy at home! All you need is a tray on which to place your croissants, juices and macarons... we'll bring you the surprise!

Choose your favorite breakfast.

The right gift for him?

Tempt him with our Valentine's Day sweets. A triumph of taste and sweetness, signed by the city's greatest pastry chefs! There's something for everyone!

Now, the most important moment of the day: Valentine's Day dinner..

If you want to organize a romantic dinner at home and have everything ready, ensuring the surprise effect, Cosaporto is here to help! On our site you will find the best offerings from renowned chefs and delicatessens for an unforgettable aperitif or dinner! Wines, champagnes and spirits to celebrate love and excellent desserts to end the evening on a high note.

If you've decided to cook, you can always contact us to have your favourite dessert delivered directly to your door! Or have the gift and flowers delivered straight to the person you love. What's a better surprise than that?

Don't forget that on Cosaporto you can order several products from different shops in a single order and have them all delivered together wherever and whenever you want! You can write a personalised gift card and you can contact us for customisations or special requests. Mistakes to avoid on Valentine's Day 2021? With COSAPORTO you will amaze without being cliché.


"Are you coming for dinner tonight?" "I'd love to! What shall I bring?"

Our service is designed to answer this question. Don't stop at the usual bakery down the street or the ice-cream parlour. Don't worry if the wine shop you love is closed when you leave the office. Choose the best, and forget about distance and traffic. Cosaporto is also perfect for an evening with family or friends, or for giving a gift to the people you love!

And if you want, you can organise a group gift with just a few clicks! Cosaporto is a service that delivers specialities from the city's best shops to your door. We carefully select the best artisans in the city so that you can buy only the best products. Order with Cosaporto and you will receive your orders wherever you want: at home, at the office or directly at your destination!