Home delivered Pastries and Cakes? Cosaporto will take care of it!

Feel like treating yourself to a delicious dessert at home? Are you short of ideas for desserts to bring to the table? Home delivered Pastries and Cakes? Don't worry, COSAPORTO will take care of it.

Tempting your family with delicacies is easy, even without being a skilled pastry chef. Discover the most delicious proposals Cosaporto has to offer for lunch or dinner for that high-quality restaurant feeling.

Home delivered Traditional Cakes

Are you running out of ideas or just don’t feel like baking? Don’t worry! Home delivery is an excellent alternative, provided you know how to choose a high-quality product that won’t make you regret homemade desserts, that have a genuine flavour.

For instance, are you a fan of traditional cakes? Make a wish: a timeless tiramisù, a luscious cheesecake and above all zesty lemon meringue cake? There are so many to choose from, the choice is all yours!


Sophisticated desserts

Looking for something more particular, unique, to make your tasting experience more sophisticated? In other words, choose our most refined pastry creations.


Vegan and gluten free desserts

Do you want to share a moment of vegan or gluten free sweetness with your family?

Intolerances/allergies and diets are not a problem. In fact, there are many ideas for pampering yourself in a healthy way. To satisfy everyone, for example, you can choose an organic chocolate cream spread, prepared with raw materials of certified origin.


What about a delicious hazelnut brownie with chocolate and dates? If you prefer to opt for a fruit dessert, you can let yourself be tempted by a gluten-free and lactose-free raspberry tiramisu: a real explosion of flavour (guilt free)!


" Dinner at our tonight?" "With pleasure! What can I bring? " (Cosaporto?)

Our service was created to answer this question, so you don’t have to worry about getting to your favourite stores in time or having to settle for buying from the corner shop or supermarket across the street.

Choose the best and forget the distance, traffic and time, with Cosaporto.

Cosaporto is also perfect for a simple evening in, with family or friends or sending gifts to the people you love! And if you want you can organize a group gift with just a few clicks! Cosaporto is the service that delivers home specialties from the best shops in London. We carefully select the best artisans of the city to allow you to buy only the best products.

Order with Cosaporto; you will receive them wherever you want!